AmScope B120A 双眼生物顕微鏡/アクロマート対物 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x/接眼 10x, 16x/LED照明

¥65,800 (税込)

  • 40X to 1000X magnification range using high-quality, color-coded objective lenses, and 10X eyepieces for four unique settings ideal for viewing cellular structures and microorganisms.
  • An economical microscope for students and professionals, the B120 packs high-quality optics and refined mechanics into a compact form.
  • The 120 series offers a compliment of optional accessories to expand the functionality, such as darkfield and phase-contrast kits
  • The Siedentopf binocular head has a comfortable 30° incline, can be rotated 360°, and provides interpupillary and dioptric adjustments to suit any user.
  • Students and professionals alike will appreciate the 3-axis mechanical stage with low-position controls, and the coaxial coarse and fine focus for their ergonomics and efficiency.
  • The bright, daylight-balanced LED illumination uses our specialized fly-eye lens for improved uniformity and contrast, and the centerable condenser assures proper alignment.
  • Includes an AmScope Exclusive – digital camera software designed for middle and high school students that makes capturing and editing photos and videos easy and fun! Windows and Mac



・目幅調整:ジーデントップ型 調整幅53-77mm
・接眼レンズ(23mmΦ):10x/18mm, 16x
・対物レンズ:アクロマート4x(NA0.10), 10x(NA0.25), 40x(NA0.65,spring), 100x(NA1.25, spring,oil)
・メカニカルステージ:ダブルレイヤー式、118mm x 127mm、可動範囲70mm x 21mm
・コンデンサ:NA1.25 アッベコンデンサ(絞り付)
・電源:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
・寸法:28cm x 17.8cm x 35cm